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Your pillow can be the start to better health!
Wake up feeling refreshed, have energy during your day and even lose weight!

Ideal Pillow #6:
5’4” | 128 lbs. | Side Sleeper

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Is Poor Sleep Killing You?

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Recent scientific studies have proven that sleep deprivation can kill you faster than starvation!

That is how important sleep is to your body. Other health problems associated with poor sleep include heart attacks, weight gain, decreased sex drive, poor memory, early aging and mood swings.

Compare The Best To The Rest

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This patented custom pillow fitting system provides optimal neck and back support coupled with comfort and quality. Start sleeping better and living better today!


Attention Firm Pillow Users

Research has shown firm pillows made of memory foam or low end polyester are not ideal for proper sleep.

  • Retain heat
  • Poorly support the head, neck and shoulder

Our pillows are designed to move heat away from the body, provide optimal comfort and support while allowing you to sleep in multiple sleep positions throughout the night.



Why Do I Need a Custom Pillow?

Guest post by Michael Ross:

Are you like millions of people who select their pillow by squeezing it in the local discount store? How often do you go shopping for a new pillow? Pillows should be replaced every year or so – how old is yours? A great pillow is proven to reduce neck aches, back pai...

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